Sanskaar 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara saying I love you Jai. Jai is very happy and they smile. Chandrika plans with Jiten against Ansubaa and says don’t know Ansubaa’s fate that she gets saved everytime, and how did they arrange Rs 50 crores. Chandrika says they think they won the game, but no, they will not be saved. Jiten asks what will you do. She says I will tell when the time comes, but now I will go to her home and talk to her face to face. Hasmukh is happy and says it looks like a dream. Everyone are happy. Chandrika comes with a servant and greets everyone. Everyone are shocked to see her. Chandrika smiles and says I came to know about your accident, I got worried and I came running, I heard this haveli was going and then got saved. Hasmukh asks her to stop acting and leave.

Chandrika says I will ruin this family, I will win in the sarpanch elections and you all will lose. She says once I become the sarpanch then…… Jai asks her to stop it, as he will not be quiet if she says anything against Ansubaa, do whatever you can. Chandrika says I will see everyone. Chandrika leaves. Jai says I saw this man somewhere. Hasmukh asks Ansubaa not to worry.

Jai comes to his room and Dhara asks him not to be angry because of Chandrika. Jai says no, its not that, I m thinking about the man who came with her, I saw him somewhere. Dhara says he might be from our village. He says I saw him two three days before. She asks where. He thinks and recollects that he was the tempo driver who tried to kill Ansubaa. He tells Dhara. Dhara is shocked. Jai says I will not leave him. He leaves. Jiten and Chandrika plan against Vaishnav family. Jai comes there and says its not easy to ruin the Vaishnav family. He brings police with him. Chandrika is shocked. Jiten asks you here. Jai says this is the man who tried to kill Ansubaa.

The inspector asks the man why he did this. Hitesh is also there and hides. The man says I m sorry, I did this as I was told. The police arrests Chandrika and Jiten. Jai is shocked to see Hitesh there. he says don’t take him, he is family. Jai asks Hitesh not to bend his head infront of him as the family will decide about him. Jai tells everyone Hitesh’s truth and everyone are shocked. Lily and Avni are ashamed. Jai asks Avni to punish Hitesh or let him free. Hitesh falls in Lily’s feet and asks them to give him one last chance and forgive him.

Lily asks Jai can we give him one chance. Avni says one min. Avni asks for Jai’s phone. She calls police station and tells them that Hitesh did all the stealing at their home. Hitesh is shocked. She asks the police to come and arrest Hitesh. Everyone cry. Avni runs to her room. Dhara goes after her. Everyone pacify Lily. Lily says what will happen of my Avni. Ansubaa says don’t worry about her, she will be happy with us in this house and join her brothers in the mill. Parul says yes, she can live her life by her wish. Avni says yes, your daughter is not weak. Dhara says yes, its not Avni’s mistake and she should not be punished, we have to make her strong by supporting her.

Avni tells Ansubaa that she will work in the mill and takes Ansubaa’s blessings. Jai and Dhara come and greet Ansubaa. Ansubaa says we wish every family get a son and bahu like you. Some villagers come and asks Ansubaa what is the announcement. Ansubaa says yes, I want Dhara to stand in the sarpanch elections this time. Everyone smile. Dhara says how will I manage this, I m not educated. Ansubaa says I know, but you have life experience and I think you will manage well. Jai says there is no age for studies, you can study with the women of the village. Dhara smiles.

Dhara does the aarti and the whole family stands behind her. Dhara thinks about Murli. Aao re saware……………plays……………….Murli talks to everyone and says the power of Lord. He tells the power of Sanskaar. He says its more than money, value Sanskaar more than money.

The show ended…..
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Sanskaar 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai telling Ansubaa and everyone that he has got a big deal and will get Rs 50 crores advance which they can give to Jiten. Everyone are happy. Hitesh hears this and is angry. Jai tells them that these papers are very important. Ansubaa asks him to keep it safe in locker. Hitesh thinks Jai can’t save this house, I m waiting for Jiten to come in this house and kick all of them out. Hitesh hides getting tensed as his phone rings. Jai does not see him and goes to keep the papers. Hitesh sees Jai keeping the papers and thinks to steal it. Avni comes to talk to Jai. Jai asks her not to worry and go. Jai hides the keys and leaves. Hitesh smiles and thinks I will help Jiten now.

Dhara gets worried in her room. Jai comes to her. Dhara asks him about money arrangements. Jai tells her about the new deal and they will be saving the house, she should not worry. Dhara gets relieved. Jai asks her to take care. Ansubaa and everyone think of the bad time on their family. Parul says I can’t believe Jiten is doing all this for revenge, what happened with Dipika was because of her. Ketki hears this and cries. She regrets for supporting Dipika. She thinks she has ruined everyone’s life. Hitesh comes to steal the file. He steals it.

Everyone are upset in the house knowing someone stole the papers. Dilip says don’t worry, Jai will talk to the company. Hasmukh says we did not arrange money till now. Jiten comes there with the lawyer and police. Ansubaa and everyone are shocked seeing him. Jiten says sorry, but the time is over, you all did not return my money, so I have to take legal action on you. He asks them to read the papers. He says I will take the house, mill and property from you as you did not give my money back. Ansubaa is shocked. Hitesh smiles.

Hasmukh argues with him. Jiten says you have failed. He taunts them for forgetting relations between them. He says I don’t care how you live or die. He asks the inspector to arrest Ansubaa as she did fraud with him. Hasmukh says no one will arrest Ansubaa. Jiten asks why, arrest Ansubaa. Jiten smiles. Jai comes there and stops the inspector from arresting Ansubaa. Jai gets angry on Jiten and gives him the cheque of Rs 50 crores. Ansubaa and everyone smile. Jiten is shocked.

The lawyer says we can’t arrest Ansubaa now. Jiten warns Jai and says very soon I will take all my money, next time you won’t be able to save your family Jai. He leaves. The inspector says sorry and leaves. Hitesh thinks he took the original papers then how did he get money. Ansubaa asks Jai. Jai says i had the original papers, I kept only copy there, I knew it Jiten will do something, so I fooled the thief. Everyone smile. Jai says we will pay all the loan to Jiten soon. Hasmukh says I m thinking who stole the papers. Hitesh leaves.

Avni asks Hitesh why is he tensed. He says no, I m happy. He thinks I m worried as I have failed. He says I did my work, if the papers were fake, it was not my mistake, I should talk to Jiten and Chandrika. He leaves. Avni doubts on him. She hugs Jai and says I m very happy. She tells Dhara that Jai does what he says. Dhara says yes and praises Jai smiling. Avni leaves them alone. Dhara asks why did you not take prasad. Jai says I m annoyed. She asks why. He says its our personal thing. She asks what is it. He says I want a miracle that my wife calls me Jai, then I will eat prasad by your hands. She smiles and thinks she wants to call him now, but don’t know I m not able to say. She blushes. He asks her to take his name or take Kishan ji’s name. He says try once. She says Jai I love you. Jai smiles and says great. He says I love you too. She laughs.

Chandrika comes to Ansubaa and warns her that she will win the sarpanch elections.

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Sanskaar 28th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai asking Dhara to take his name. She says no, husband’s name can’t be taken. He says no, you have to take my name else I will not leave you and stand like this hugging you. He says come on say Jai Kishan. She says Jai, I can’t. They get romantic and have a long hug. She asks him to close eyes. He says no, you will be punished, you will have to say I love you to me. She says I love you. She pushes him and he smiles. He says this is cheating. Music plays…………He hugs her. Chandrika tells Jiten that what happened with Dipika is known in every village.

Jiten says what will happen. Chandrika says your daughter will get sympathy and Ansubaa will lose, only I will win, this villagers and they are done injustice with me and I will take revenge from them. Jiten asks her plan. She tells him. Its morning, Ansubaa asks Lily to get ready as she has to go temple. Lily says Jai will go with you day. Ansubaa is very happy. Jai tells Dhara that he is going to temple with Ansubaa and will have food after coming.

Hitesh calls Jiten and informs him that Ansubaa and Jai left for the temple. Jiten calls his goons. Jai and Ansubaa come to the temple. Jai gets a call and he goes away to talk. Jai is shocked to see Ansubaa hitting by a truck and saves her. Chandrika is angry knowing Ansubaa got saved. She tells this to Jiten that Jai saved Ansubaa. Ansubaa comes home and tells everyone about the accident. Ansubaa says I feel this was someone’s plan to hit me.

Hitesh says but who will do this. Jai says yes, no one can dare to do this against Ansubaa. Jiten comes there with the lawyer and tells them that he is taking all the money back and he wants the full amount in 24 hours. Everyone are shocked. He says if you fail to do so, I will take legal action on you. Hasmukh says we will also go to a lawyer and find some solution. Hitesh smiles seeing everyone worried. Ansubaa says don’t worry, the Lord will help us.

Jai talks to Dhara. Dhara says this is happening because of me, I m unlucky for this house. Jai pacifies her and says till you are here, nothing bad can happen. Dilip asks Ansubaa not to worry as they will arrange the money. Ansubaa says we all should arrange. Dilip says we can take loan. Hasmukh says but it will take time. Parul says sell our jewellery. Ansubaa gets upset. Parul says we can get jewellery later. Hitesh comes to meet Chandrika and gives her updates. Chandrika asks him to keep an eye on Hasmukh and Jai.

Dhara prays to Lord and Murli comes to meet her. She us surprised to see him. He says I told you I will come whenever you need me. She touches his feet and says whenever I meet you and talked to you, I got peace and today I m very happy seeing you here. He says I will bless you, tell me what you want. She says my family needs your blessings, we want to be problem free. She gives him Prasad. Shree govind…………….. hari bol bol……………plays………..

He says now I will have to keep your family happy, all your problems are mine now, don’t worry, everything will be fine. He tells her that there is someone in the house and ask Jai to find him. She thanks him. He asks her to take care and leaves. Dhara gives Ketki the Prasad. Ketki asks Dhara to punish her, but not her family. Dhara pacifies her. Ketki says this happened because of me, I supported Dipika. Ketki cries. Parul asks Dhara to take care. Hasmukh says its tough to arrange 10 crores. Ansubaa says I know, but we have to arrange it.

Hasmukh says if we don’t pay Jiten, our mill and property will go to him. He says we will not lose hope, we will not let our property go to him. Hitesh hears them and laughs. Ansubaa says everything will end. Jai says no, nothing will happen. Jai gives them the good news that he cracked a deal and got some big investors. Ansubaa is happy.

Jai keeps important file in the cupboard. Hitesh keeps an eye on him.
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Sanskaar 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara pacifying Avni. Hitesh talks to Jiten and scolds him. Jiten gets angry on him and says I will kill you if you can’t do my work. He threatens him and ends the call. Hitesh gets worried. Lily cries and says what will happen with Avni now. Parul and Ramila pacify her. Lily talks to Ansubaa. Ansubaa asks her to pray and thank the Lord that they know Hitesh’s truth now. Ramila says yes, Avni would have not told us anything. Lily says if we punish Hitesh, it will affect Avni also. Ansubaa says yes, thats why I m quiet. Lily says what about my Avni. Ansubaa says we all are with her, we will keep her. Lily says but will the society let her leave peacefully. Parul says yes, Avni has her whole life infront of her and this is important decision of her life. Jai comes and hears them talking.

Jai talks to Dhara that everyone are upset and crying because if Hitesh. Hitesh fools everyone with their words. hasmukh scolds him. Hitesh says I was helpless and I had to save my business. He says I m doing this for Avni. Jai says then why did you not take money from Hasmukh when he was giving you. Hitesh says I took only some money, not all. He says I wanted to return the money, my motive was not wrong, I regret that no one gave me a chance to explain and called me a thief. He says I think I should leave from here now. He tells Avni to come with him. Ansubaa says Avni will not go anywhere. Avni says no, I will go with him.

Hitesh thinks he will be asked to leave. He says I will return the money which I have, he gives Hasmukh some money. Hasmukh takes it. Hitesh does emotional blackmail to everyone and asks them not to worry about Avni, as he will give food to Avni. Jai stops Hitesh and supports him. Hitesh apologizes to Ansubaa and she forgives him. Hitesh thanks Jai and hugs him. He thinks I will not forget that you made me apologize. Avni hugs Lily. Hitesh thinks be happy now, those days are not far when everyone will apologize to me and I will not forgive anyone.

Hitesh unpacks his bag. Avni says we should not stay here. Lily comes to them. Hitesh acts and apologizes to her. She says no, I m sorry. Hasmukh hears them and sees Lily apologizing. Hitesh says I always think that you have the right on this house, so I took that money, I thought I have the right on it. Lily says yes, you have full right here, but you should have asked me. Hasmukh gets angry seeing them. He comes to Jai and says nothing will be fine. Hasmukh says he is a thief and will never change. Jai says he apologized, not end it. He leaves.

Hasmukh says I will not trust him now. Avni stops Jai and thanks him. Jai says it was my duty,, always remember you should never hide anything from me, else I will not talk to you, you can share things with me and Dhara. She says you love Dhara a lot, I pray for you. Avni smiles. Jai comes to Dhara. She asks what happened, is everything fine. He says don’t call me chote malik. She asks what should I call you. he says my name, you can call me Jai or Kishan. She says no, I can’t take your name. He says you can, call me Jai Kishan. She says I can’t. He says then…… he hugs her and says I will stand whole day like this. Sajna mera………………plays…………….

Jai asks Dhara to take his name. She says close your eyes and go there. He says no, tell me, else you have to say I love you. She looks on.
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Sanskaar 24th April 2014 Written Update

Sanskaar 24th April 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Parul and Ramila teasing and pulling Jai’s leg. Jai gets fooled as they joke with him. Parul says we will help him. They laugh on him. Ansubaa asks them not to tease Jai, as she is with him, she will help him. Jai smiles. Ansubaa says Jai wants to cook for Dhara, we should help them. Parul guides Jai how to cook. Jai makes the good. Everyone smile seeing him happy. Jai comes to Dhara with the food and asks him to have the breakfast. She says it smells great, lets see the taste. He says it will be nice, taste it. She tastes it and its very bad. He asks how is it. She says very nice. He says I will also eat. She says no I will eat. He tastes it and is shocked. He says what is this, I have not added salt, you lied to me that its good. She says its good as you have put efforts.

He says you should have told me. She says no, you have made it with love. Its sweet like Sheera and it does not need salt. Jai and Dhara smile having an eyelock.Jai teaches Dhara good morning. He says you will say good morning to me every day. She smiles and nods yes. Chandrika says now everyone are supporting me, Ansubaa will not win the elections and I am standing against her. She says now I will see how she wins this challenge. Everyone have dinner together. Hasmukh jokes about Jai cooking for Dhara. Everyone smile and tell its Jai. Hasmukh laughs. Jai says don’t start again. Ramila asks Hasmukh did he make anything for her till now. Hasmukh jokes and says Dhara eats less and you eat a lot. Everyone laughs.

Hitesh thinks they are serving me at last, I will rule over this house after supporting Jiten. Hasmukh gets a call from someone. He tells everyone that Chandrika is standing against Ansubaa but we will not let her win. Ansubaa says don’t worry, everyone loves us and we will win. Ketki says I have taken care of Dhara. Jai says I asked Dhara not to come here. Hasmukh jokes. Parul goes to see Dhara. Dhara learns good morning. Parul hears it and says great. Dhara says its hard and I learnt only one work. Parul says you will learn everything, we all trust you.

She brings butter milk for her and says Jai is a good teacher. She teases Dhara and Dhara gets shy. Dhara says here everyone are my teachers. She says I m very lucky that I got a chance to be this house’s bahu. Parul says I m lucky to have a daughter like you. Dhara touches her feet. Parul asks her not to bend in this state and her place is in her heart, not feet. She kisses her forehead and Dhara smiles.

Dhara asks Jai, why he is tensed? Parul asks Jai to say what is the thing? Jai is worried about Chandrika. Dhara and Parul assure that she won’t become Sarpanch. Jai says, she can go to any length to become Sarpanch. He says, she can hurt Ansubaa. Dhara says, it can’t happen. Parul asks Dhara, why she is tensed? She is tensed. Parul assures her saying everything will be fine.

She asks her to have faith on Dwarkhadeesh. Village people say that they won’t let Chandrika win and assures their support for Ansubaa. Avni opens the cupboard and finds a bundle of notes. She gets shocked and worried. She wonders from where did he get the money. Hitesh comes and says it is my hard earned money. He asks her, who are you to question me. You don’t respect me like your family. Avni says, you are doing the wrong thing and threatens to tell the truth to everyone. Hitesh says, do as you think but you compelled me to steal the money and silver coins.

He is shocked to see Ramila hearing their conversation. Hitesh tells Hasmukh that he didn’t do the stealing. Hasmukh says, Ramila heard with her own ears. Hitesh asks Avni to tell the truth. Avni says, Hitesh is the one who is behind the stealing. She says, I kept quiet but reality is that he is workless. She says, his eyes are on our property and money. She says, you thought him great, but he don’t deserve it. Hasmukh asks, why you steal the money. Jai says, we would have given you 20 lakhs if you have asked us. Avni apologizes to everyone on Hitesh’s behalf. Ansubaa says, your doings are not forgiveable.

Mamaji talks to Hitesh and threatens to send Dhara out of the house.

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Sanskaar [Precap Promo] 25th April 2014

Sanskaar [Precap Promo] 25th April 2014
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Sanskaar 24th April 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Sanskaar 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Sanskaar 23rd April 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara and Jai holding hands. Parul asks Dhara why is she eating with left hand. Jai smiles. Dilip is annoyed with Ketki. She apologizes to him and he is angry on her. Ketki cries. He says its time for you to face pain, it will be a dream for us to be together, we will be husband and wife for everyone, but not when we are alone. She says give me one chance. He says I have given you chances all the time, but not again, I can’t forgive you, you will be away from me. Ketki cries. Dilip leaves. Ramila comes and hugs Ketki. Ketki says please explain him. Ramila pacifies her. Dhara asks Jai to explain Dilip not to be angry on Ketki. Jai says I can understand him, Dilip is very protective about me.

Dhara says Ketki will be hurt. He says let them deal with it. She says we will not fight ever. He says suppose if we fight, if anyone advice, will you feel good, no right, so we should not tell in between them, they will feel bad. He says Dilip’s anger will be calm soon. He says we will go out for some days, we need a break. She says we can’t go, we will go after some days. Dhara asks him to teach her english, as its bad to be his wife if she is illiterate. He hugs her and says its not bad. As you know love and how to keep it. Jai talks to Hasmukh and says I called CA here. Hitesh says I can solve your tax problems. Hasmukh says thanks.

The inspector comes and talks to Hasmukh. Hitesh gets tensed. Everyone are worried seeing the police. The inspector says we have caught the thief, he is none other than Hitesh. Everyone are shocked. Hitesh says its a lie, I did not steal anything. They arrest Hitesh. Hasmukh scolds Hitesh. Its Hitesh’s dream. He wakes up worried and says it means I was having a dream. He says I have to stop this dream from becoming reality. He says Avni will not help me. He says I have to do something. He gets a call from Jiten.

Jiten asks Hitesh to help him and he will help him with money. Jiten says we can help each other. He asks him to meet at the address. He says don’t be afraid, it will benefit both of us. Dhara wakes up at night and says what is happening to me. Jai wakes up and asks what happened. She says I m feeling restless. He gets worried and says I will call doctor. She says no need. She says I need you, not the doctor. He says me? She says yes, will you do what I say. He says yes. She asks him to read Bhagvad Gita for him. He says what. She says I want you to read it.

Jai agrees and asks her to order him, not request. He reads the Gita for her and asks her to do something for herself. He says we have to teach our children everything. He says how a mum is equal to 100 teachers. He says I want you to teach my child in english. Dhara says I will learn english soon. Jiten gives money to Hitesh and asks him to do everything against Ansubaa. Hitesh agrees and says money is my Lord. They shake hands.

Jai comes to talk to Parul. He says I did not sleep all night. He says I m very happy. Parul smiles. He says everything is fine now, I got a good life partner and we are having a child now. He says I want to keep Dhara and my child happy. He says I want to take care of her, but I don’t know how. Parul says I will tell you. Jai sticks some baby pics infront of Dhara and sees her sleeping. He wakes her up and shows her. Dhara asks him to stand near the pic. She sees him and asks him to place his pic there as she wants to see him everyday. Jai smiles.

Chandrika plans to become sarpanch. Hasmukh tells Chandrika is standing in elections against Ansubaa.
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Sanskaar [Precap Promo] 24th April 2014

Sanskaar [Precap Promo] 24th April 2014
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Sanskaar 23rd April 2014 Episode Watch Online

Part 1
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Sanskaar 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Sanskaar 22nd April 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Hitesh and Avni talking. Hitesh tells her that the police can’t catch him as he did not leave any proof. Everyone does the arrangements of the puja. Murali comes and Jai welcomes him. Murli talks to Jai and says it looks like your anger is cool now. Jai asks what. Murli says for me, for my Lord. Jai says yes, I m fine now. Murli asks how did this miracle happen. Jai says I was annoyed as he took Bhoomi, but now I m happy that he gave me Dhara. Murli says great, don’t feel bad, when Lord takes something from us, we panic and we fight, but they make our hands empty to give us better than what we had. He says when anything bad happens with you, don’t be sad, as they give double he takes. Jai vasudeva……………plays………….. Murli says go, pandit is waiting for you and smiles.

The puja starts and everyone sit in the puja. The pandit asks Jai’s name. Jai thinks he removed Kishan from his name when Bhoomi died. He says Jai Kishan Vaishnav. Everyone smile. Hari bol bol………………….plays………………..The puja ends. Dhara does Bhoomi’s pic aarti. Jai comes and looks at her. He smiles and sees Dhara removing the curtain in their room which was the barrier between them. He helps her. He hugs her. She smiles and asks what are you doing. He says I should ask you this. He says you are not fine, don’t do any work. She gets hurt and he cares for her. He says I have added Kishan in my name, are you happy. She says yes, a lot. She says you name is full now. She says I love you. I felt nice hearing Kishan.

He asks when I asked you the name of your lover, why did you tell Kishan. She says I did not wish to lie you. He says you confused me by my name. She says yes, as they all called you Kishan and Parul told me Bhoomi also called you Kishan and since she died, Kishan left and today Kishan is back. He holds her hand and kisses her hand. Its morning, Parul beats a plate and calls everyone laughing. She says I m very happy. Everyone come. Parul says Dhara to call her Maa. Dhara thinks of her words. Parul says be happy today. Dhara says Maa. Everyone smile. Ansubaa asks Dhara to call her Ansubaa.

Parul says Dhara did Grah Pravesh and I want her to make Lapsi. Ansubaa says fine, she will make, but she will not make anything else. Dhara smiles and leaves. Jai wishes all the best to her. Hasmukh says we are going to police station to give them more details. Dhara comes in the kitchen and sees Ketki. She thinks if her taunts. Ketki is ashamed of her words. Ketki says I have done all the preparations. She says I regret what I did but I will not apologize again. Dhara’s hand burns and Ketki cares for her. Parul is happy seeing them and asks can I help. Dhara says no, Ketki will help me. Ketki says yes.

Chandrika talks to Jiten. Jiten tells her how Hasmukh told him that he will not take the case on Dipika back. Chandrika says they will hear us now, don’t worry. Jiten says I will give you money, contacts, but don’t leave them, teach them a lesson. Chandrika says sure, they will remember it. Jiten asks what will you do. Chandrika says Dhara, Jai and Ansubaa are strength, we will hit Ansubaa first as elections are coming. Jiten says I know a weakness in their house, I will break it today. He smiles.

Ketki makes food for everyone. Hasmukh says make my fav food. Ramila says it will take much time. He jokes and laughs. Avni says we have cooked everything at home. Everyone smile. Ramila sees the gap between Ketki and Dilip. Ketki says I made Kheer for Dilip. Dilip is annoyed with her. Parul says now nothing wrong can happen with us. Ansubaa asks Dhara to sit with them and eat. Jai holds Dhara’s hand and she looks at him.

The inspector tells the thief is Hitesh. Everyone are shocked.
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Sanskaar [Precap Promo] 23rd April 2014

Sanskaar [Precap Promo] 23rd April 2014
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